Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chicka Challenge #6

Who can guess what the Chicka Challenge is this week? Oh, yes! My FAVORITE cards to make are Halloween! That is your challenge this week. When Jane and I went on our little outing we both looked at some Halloween paper and didn't buy it. Then we both went back after we got home and picked some up. Guess we were on the same wave length, huh? So, get out your Halloween goodness and make a card just for fun. Don't forget to post here or on Jane's blog with your creation.

I also wanted to thank everyone who played last week. Kerry, Armie and Victoria all did a great job on what I would consider a difficult challenge.


Armie said...

Hello Dawn,

Here is my card for this week's challenge. Halloween sure is fun! Thanks to you and Jane for another great one! :o)


Anonymous said...

Very fun card, Dawn! Hallowe'en cards are a fav of mine to make, too! I will try and come back with a card:) TFS!! Tinla

Glenda said...

Great challenge Dawn - I have a hard time with Halloween cards so I'm going to try and gitter'-done!

Victoria said...

I love making Halloween cards just like you, Dawn! Here's mine:


Anonymous said...

i'm back:) here's my card and thanks for the very fun challenge:) tinla