Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Candy, It's all about candy!

It's Chicka Challenge time again! Good thing I have these challenges otherwise I wouldn't have any posts because my life has been so busy lately. Hopefully it will settle down soon so I can get back to posting sneak peeks for all the A Muse new releases. This month's release was super classy. Monograms was the theme. Check out their website for all the new images.

Before we get to this week's challenge, I want to thank everyone that participated last week. Thank you Tinla, Kerry, Armie, Glenda, Kristie Lee, Victoria and Monica!!! You all did a great job with your sparkly cards. Our challenge this week is to make a card or other project with some kind of candy involved. Everyone loves candy and this time of year has us all thinking about our favorites. Jane made this super cute test tube holder for me and I wanted to post it so you could all see her craftyness!!! She is such a good friend. She made me something special and even used A Muse's Boris stamp, he's my boyfriend, you know... Shhhhh, don't tell Gary! I just love her color combination and her new pinking Nestabilities set. Perfect with Boris' hair, don't you think? Now get busy and make something special for your friend or maybe for yourself with a candy theme. Don't forget to post here or at Jane's blog so we can see what you made.


Jane Bosi said...

Ahhh...Chicka!! I had a snarky comment all set about how much I LOVE YOUR PROJECT, but then you had to go give me the credit and ruin my dastardly plan!! Hope you're havin' a ball!

Victoria said...

This is the best challenge yet. I had a blast making mine!

Wish I'd known you were out here in Seattle last weekend, as I totally would have stopped by the shop to say hi! Hope you had fun!

Armie said...

Hi Dawn,

Sorry for the late posting of my card. Hope you like it anyway. Tried to do a *candy* project but it didn't turn out the way I wanted to. Anyhoot, I love your CANDY HOLDER!! Absolutely neat!! TFS :o) I'll make the next one early..!!

Armie said...

Oppss, sorry..forgot to add the link..doinkk!! Here is it.