Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Anyone can play!

Last weekend my friend, Theresa asked me if anyone can play my Chicka Challenges or if it was only for Chickas. Of course I told her that the challenges Jane and I post on our blogs are open to anyone to play. So, get out your stamps and play along. It's fun!

The challenge this week is to use Santa in a card or project. So fitting, don't you think? Christmas is almost here and Santa plays his part so Jane and I thought it would be fun to see what everyone would do with him. If you don't have a Santa stamp feel free to use any other mythical creature stamp. Now, I don't even own a Santa stamp so I asked my friend, Lyndsay if I could borrow hers. This one is made by A Muse Artstamps as is the tree background and the Christmas tree. I wanted my Christmas tree to be out in the forest all decorated for the animals to enjoy. Not sure my little snowdrift is exactly what I wanted but I am hoping you get the idea. Have fun with this challenge and post when you get a chance, here or there!

Thank you to Victoria for playing along again this week. She always has such cute cards. Check it out!


jill Grace said...

Very happy! Reminds me of adventures to find the perfect tree!

cheiron said...

I like the snow! It is an adorable card!

Laura said...

Love the snow!

Victoria said...

Fun challenge as always! Here's my card:


Happy Holidays!

Kerry said...

I hope I'm not tooooo late!


Happy Holidays to you!