Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lunch with Kamila

Happy day today! I had lunch with a fellow A Muse instructor, Kamila, who lives in our state capitol, Madison, WI. We met up at her store in Madison, Scrapbook Superstore, and after I looked around and spent the wad, we went to lunch at Panara Bread. It was really great to see her again, I haven't seen her since the IT weekend in Seattle where I was the "navigator" and she was the driver. What fun we had trying to navigate the streets of Seattle. Took me a while to figure out where we were on the map, but after that it was smooth sailing, right Liz? OK, sorry about that inside joke. Anyway, Kamila and I had a great time talking about all things A Muse and our families and business in general. I wish I had gotten my camera out to take a photo of us in front of her store but she had to zip off because she had a class to teach. Thanks for taking time to meet me on a Saturday, Kamila, it was fun to see you again!

Took this photo of our capitol building as the sun was setting. I feel so patriotic whenever I visit Madison and can't resist taking just one more photo of that capitol building.


freshaircrafting said...

You're making me homesick! I really miss Madison. I agree that there is just that special something about the capitol!

Kamila said...

I had a wonderful time with you, Dawn. I wish we could of had more time to catch up. Maybe next time.