Thursday, December 4, 2008

Calendar Class

Had my calendar class today at the Stamp Shoppe and guess who showed up? Linda! Yay! It was a lot of fun to stamp with her, she even helped me out with one of my designs. Now that is a good friend. My next calendar class is at Endless Creations in Green Bay on Monday night. Join me if you can.

Was going to post yesterday and wish my brother, Dan, a happy birthday but somehow the day got away from me so "Happy Belated Birthday" to the BEST brother ever!

My friend Renate and I are heading out to the big Fiskars warehouse sale tomorrow. Should be a bunch of great bargains waiting for us there. They had sale day #1 a couple weeks ago and I got more scissors than you can shake a stick at for a dollar each!!!
They had all kinds of fun stuff for $1, $2 and up. Even had edge scissors for a quarter. Yeah! Love that sale. Will try and get a photo and post it tomorrow with all the goodies I manage find.


mtfalco said...

omg Dawn, take photos of your loot so I can drool! ;)

freshaircrafting said...

Oooo!!!! That sale sounds wonderful!!